6 Easy Ways to Foster Your Social Media Community

You don’t want this to be your brand. Ever.

Two-Way Street

The reigning community champ: Glossier.

Foster Dem Peeps

1. Hire a Community Manager

2. Make UGC One of your Content Pillars

Baublebar for the UGC win.

3. Engage With Your Followers

  • Answer questions when warranted. Certainly, inquisitive comments can get repetitive, and perhaps they’ve already been answered. It doesn’t matter. If someone wants to know something about what you posted, it’s your duty to give them a reply. Not only will you make the person extremely happy, but others will see the gesture as well, which is sure to humanize your brand.
  • Interact by posing questions in your captions. If you want people to engage and create relationships with your followers, there’s no better way to do so than through conversation. Real talk: everyone loves giving their two cents, so why not give them an opportunity to do so while both interacting with fans and contributing to your brand story?
  • Like back. If a follower feels compelled enough by your posts to give them a double-tap or to leave a comment, be a gent and return the favor. It will mean a lot to them and will make you grow in their esteem. Also, your brand will receive exposure as a result. It’s a bit of a self-serving favor to your audience, but think of it as social media etiquette. You don’t want to have bad manners.

4. Go Into Discovery Mode

5. Tag Other Brands

6. Use Spirit On-Site Galleries

Cool girl haircare brand OUAI is not afraid to show their peers some love on Insta. Click the pic to see the tags.



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