Building a Social Foundation: House Beautiful UK’s AI-Backed Visual Marketing Strategy [Case Study]

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

House Beautiful UK perfectly captures the essence of sprawling country estates and luscious gardens in a single image or video. The challenge? Choosing from hundreds of beautiful abodes to feature on its feed. Enter: Dash Hudson.

To succeed in today’s digital era, publishers can no longer solely rely on print to grow an engaged audience and generate website traffic. Regardless if publishers are targeting Gen Z’ers, city-going millennials, or suburban moms, a multi-channel content strategy is a must. Consumers are no longer discovering publishers at their local grocery store check-out or at the hair salon, instead, they’re scrolling Instagram to find publishing brands that align with their tastes, and to inform their interests.

A thoughtful and innovative approach to Instagram is even more necessary for publishers with niche audiences to make the most out of their presence across visual channels. Home decor and lifestyle publisher House Beautiful UK uses Instagram to share design inspo, trend insights, and beautiful imagery to help its community create a home they truly love. The publisher had carved out a unique brand voice with its eye-catching magazine, but needed to hone a similar approach on the most visual marketing channel, Instagram.

With the help of Dash Hudson, House Beautiful UK renovated its Instagram strategy. Dash Hudson’s content segmentation tool Boards, helps the publisher identify its top-performing content pillars and to inform its content mix to maximize its content curation and selection. The combination of Boards and Dash Hudson’s predictive visual technology gave the team at House Beautiful UK what it needed to significantly improve its image and video performance, and audience growth on Instagram within just six months of using the platform.

Uncover the full story behind House Beautiful UK’s social reno:

  • How House Beautiful UK’s social team leverages AI technology to drive performance on Instagram.
  • How House Beautiful UK uses Dash Hudson’s content segmentation tool, Boards to understand which content pillars engage its audience the most.
  • The positive results that the publisher has experienced since working with Dash Hudson.

See below for a sneak peek, and check out the full case study here.

Making a house a home is no easy feat. House Beautiful UK is on a mission to inspire its audience to create a home they love with decorating and design inspiration, trend insight, and easy-to-replicate ideas for every room. In today’s digital era, the publisher is focused on expanding its reach beyond the pages of its print magazine, which is why it has made a home on the most visual channel, Instagram.

Decor for the Digital Age

The social team at House Beautiful UK measures performance on Instagram based on the most vital metrics — like engagement, follower growth, and Instagram Stories exit rate. With these KPIs in mind, the team is committed to testing innovative tactics on the channel to hone in on what truly resonates with its unique community and to tap into new audiences.

With Dash Hudson’s visual intelligence technology, Vision, House Beautiful UK is able to understand how images will actually perform with its audience before they go live, and use this intel to refine and optimize its visual marketing strategy and accelerate audience growth on Instagram.

To continue reading, download the case study HERE.

Header image: @HouseBeautifulUK

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