Cannes Film Festival: The Power of Celebrities on Instagram

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

By now we’re certain you’ve dug deep into influencer marketing, but there’s still a lot to learn. Enter: Cannes — the epitome of haute couture and celebrity endorsements.

The 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, had celebrities taking over our IG feeds — and slaying on the infamous red carpet.

Now, we already know what you’re going to ask — how does this knowledge benefit savvy social media marketers? Micro and macro influencers may help to offer the occasional boost, but awards shows and festivals bring in some astonishing results. To put it into perspective we determined the top celebrities who graced the festival with their presence, ranked by key social metrics.

Metric #1: Engagement

With an average engagement rate of 1.09% during the festival, @festivaldecannes sits over and above that of the average brand on Instagram (~1%). The engagement for celebrities that attended? You might want to take a seat for this.

Engagement on celebrities’ Instagram posts at the Cannes Film Festival, and the percent increase the account experienced as compared to average:

Amber Heard — 7.22% (+26.1%)
Nick Jonas — 4.26% (+104%)
Monica Bellucci — 4.18% (+101%)
Selena Gomez — 3.95% (+26.6%)
Priyanka Chopra — 3.34% (+80.5%)
Julianne Moore — 2.46% (+153%)
Araya A. Hargate — 2.31 (+125%)
Bella Hadid — 2.18% (+29.8%)
Penelope Cruz — 1.87% (+45.9%)
Eva Longoria — 1.75% (+179%)

Overall that’s +87% average engagement increase experienced by celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival.

Metric #2: Organic Reach (UGC)

Celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival saw a significant spike in organic impressions thanks to UGC during and after the event. Posts @mentioning or photo tagging the official Cannes Instagram account reached nearly 700M users as of May 25th! Influencers — let alone celebrities — tend to have an extremely loyal following, and typically incur a higher organic reach than brands.

Organic reach on celebrities’ Instagram posts at the Cannes Film Festival:

Nick Jonas — 307,418,446
Priyanka Chopra — 168,331,641
Bella Hadid — 163,904,804
Selena Gomez — 122,884,272
Julianne Moore — 84,607,793
Penelope Cruz — 56,243,166
Eva Longoria — 49,334,717
Monica Bellucci — 46,498,763
Araya A. Hargate — 43,513,316
Amber Heard — 42,541,109

Metric #3: Net-New Followers

After a surge in engagement and UGC, it comes as no surprise that both the Cannes Film Festival and the celebs themselves saw spikes in their audience growth as well. Selena Gomez not so shockingly saw the biggest influx of the night — earning herself over three-quarters of a million new followers. Yas, queen. 👑

Net-new followers celebrities gained during the Cannes Film Festival:

Selena Gomez — 794,237
Priyanka Chopra — 587,231
Nick Jonas — 316,780
Bella Hadid — 171,961
Eva Longoria — 51,508
Araya A. Hargate — 51,317
Monica Bellucci — 50,066
Penelope Cruz — 47,495
Amber Heard — 39,017
Julianne Moore — 20,630

And there you have it. The Cannes Film Festival has ended and the celebs are reaping the rewards of the extra social clout. One question remains: will we see the celebrities included in this recap in future collaborations? Time will tell.

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Header image: @papermagazine

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