DECODED Future: Dash Hudson and MATCHESFASHION Talk Creativity and Community

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

For this year’s DECODED Future, the Stylus-hosted annual conference, Dash Hudson teamed up with MATCHESFASHION to discuss building an engaged community online and the importance of social media in an impactful omnichannel strategy. Here’s what our session covered:

  • Why it’s important to include your community and make them a part of your content strategy.
  • How to navigate the changing landscape of social media communications and audience engagement.
  • New ways to look at your multichannel strategy and how to pick the right metrics to focus on.

On Tuesday 9th June, we had an insightful session with Hannah Fillis, Head of Social at MATCHESFASHION, as part of DECODED Future annual conference hosted by Stylus. We discussed community best practices, why marketers need to shift their mindset around measuring success, and how to integrate social with your website and email marketing.

Even before the onset of social distancing, social media has been a crucial avenue for brands to connect with and convert consumers. Now, it has become the heartbeat of any successful omnichannel strategy. The creative that emerges between brands and fans on social media can fuel a highly converting channel strategy, and an engaged digital community.

Given the monumental changes we’ve seen this year social media has become more important for MATCHESFASHION, and the brand has been able to pivot quickly, making social the leading touchpoint for customers.

When it comes to community, MATCHESFASHION has always been a step ahead at cultivating and engaging their audience.

Watch the recording on our original post for the full conversation.

Header image: @matchesfashion

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