Everything You Need to Know About How to Navigate the FTC Rules

Miz Bernstein in full compliance mode with a front and center #ad in her caption. The dawning of a new day.

Take These Broken Rules

KKW complying with the law. A great way to stay fit. (See what I did there?)


Time to Comply

  1. Use a stand alone #ad or #sponsored in the post’s main caption.
  2. Don’t bury your #Ad in a hashtag cloud to camouflage it.
  3. Disclose your affiliation in the first 3 lines of the caption, before the “more” button.
  4. Just own it. #Sponsored is the new black.
Drag this cheat sheet onto your desktop to have for quick referral when in doubt, or to send to your influencers.

We Gon’ Be Alright



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