Everything You Need to Know About Micro Influencers

Rise Up

Who Is the Micro Influencer?

Why Should You Use Micro Influencers?

  • They have genuine interactions with their followers.
  • They make their community feel valued.
  • They’ve built authentic relationships with their audience members.
  • They’re deemed trustworthy by their community.

Cash Incentive

Lauren Caruso, micro influential prodigy.

What to Look Out For

  • Fake followers. Micro influencers are known to have really high engagement. If you’re noticing that their number of likes on posts are disproportionate to their audience size, there is something shady going on.
  • Fake engagement. Sorry to break it to you, but not only can you buy followers these days, but you can purchase engagement as well. This means that people can have faux likes on all of their posts. And since it’s pretty affordable, it’s a sustainable practice for the hopeless.
  • If the likes-to-follower ratio makes sense but they have little to no comments on posts, those users are not only up to no good, but they also have zero audience members to be proud of.
  • Instagram pods. This one’s a whole new ball game, and it’s tricked engagement in the form of comment pods. In short, it’s when a group of instagrammers come together, promising to like and comment on each other’s posts the second they are published in an effort to hack the algorithm, which takes into account post activity to surface content in user feeds.
  • These pods are controversial for good reason: they don’t actually give posts equal opportunity and are attempting to cheat the system. Not something a brand wants to hear about someone they’re looking to hire.
  • Bot users. We’re all very much aware of how difficult it is to grow on Instagram these days. And those who are especially frustrated or impatient will often revert to Instagram bots, aka an automated system that surveys the ‘Gram to like posts and leave comments on their behalf. The idea behind this process is to gain new followers at a rapid pace — a common practice nowadays, but that doesn’t make it ok.
  • It means that those users are not actually connecting with anyone else — i.e. the point of Instagram — and their community is not being built authentically, the results of which are low engagement and dwarfed authority. Not exactly pillars you want to build your influencer relationships on.
Small audiece, mighty influence.



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