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Summer. Is. Here. Ask any girl in LA what her favourite season is — the answer is always summer. The season of patio lunches, long nights, light and airy sundresses, and of course…rosé.

Do you know what we’re really excited about this summer? The long-awaited FabFitFun summer edition box! 🌴 This season’s theme is Paradise Found — and the best part? It’s paradise delivered right to your front door.

If you haven’t seen the beautifully curated boxes that have become Instagram’s literal obsession — FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box, that delivers fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle goodies to your doorstep! Without spending major coin, you can try a range of full-size products, for a fraction of the price. FabFitFun takes #selfcare to a whole new level.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with FabFitFun’s social media manager, Caylee Ashwell, and she filled us in on how she got started in social media, the secret sauce behind FabFitFun’s savvy social strategy, as well as her favourite summertime beauty products.

1) Can you tell us about your personal journey which led you to FabFitFun?

It’s actually a funny story; it began when I majored in International Relations, in Spanish. It just goes to show that your major doesn’t always dictate where you end up! I’ve always loved traveling and learning about new cultures, so after graduation I moved to Spain to teach English and I started a personal blog. This is where my love for social media, blog writing, and editorial content was born. I moved back to LA and used my blog as a portfolio for my creative writing. It landed me a job at a social media agency, which then led me to FabFitFun.

2) What’s your favourite thing about working in social media?

The thing I love about social media most is the opportunity it presents to create copy that is really clever and exciting. Using that to match a story, photo, or to sell a product is my favourite part of the job.

3) How do you think social media has impacted FabFitFun’s growth?

There are so many different marketing departments at FabFitFun and we all play a big role in the growth of the company. Our acquisition team focuses on paid social ads that spark interest and curiosity, and helps us to reach a new audience. On the social media team, we focus on organic social, which plays a huge role in terms of creating a mood board and story around our brand. The social media team also has tons of influencer partnerships, which is a great way to obtain new subscribers and create brand awareness. When people come to our feed from a paid ad or an influencer, they learn what it really means to be apart of the FabFitFun community.

4) Other than Fab, Fit and Fun, can you use 3 other words to describe the brand? 😉

Discovery: We encourage and create an experience for people to discover new brands and new interests about themselves through the products in our box.

Empowering: There are so many women here in leadership roles, and women who play a huge part in the creation of the box and the success of the company. I definitely feel like we are very valued here.

Positive: We generate positive experiences for people and hope to do good by sparking happiness everywhere we go. We deliver happiness to people’s doorsteps — and generally, it’s a really positive experience.

5) Seasonality is huge for FabFitFun — How does that come into play when planning your social calendar?

It’s really fun — we consistently maintain the same brand values, but get to tap into different themes each season. The social media team meets with the graphics team, the art team, and the photo teams before each season to plan out what the next three months are going to look like.

Right now, the design of the (summer) box is very tropical, with hibiscus flowers and palm leaves. The theme is Paradise Found — so we use this to guide the copywriting which is light and tropical. Our Instagram photos should follow this theme and be beachy and summery — and the colours on our feed should match the colours on the box. I think it’s really exciting because if you are scrolling through our feed, you can see each season we are celebrating at the time.

6) How do you incorporate Dash Hudson into your social strategy?

Oh my gosh! Dash Hudson has changed everything. It’s been truly amazing, and I have nothing but positive things to say. In terms of scheduling, the ability to see how our feed is laid out weeks in advance is great. Our photographer has access to Dash Hudson as well. So if there is a photo I need on a certain day, she can take a look at our feed to see what would look best. It’s great because we can be so much more collaborative in planning our feed.

The Boards tool makes it really easy to analyze performance per season and sale. So by creating those, we have a much more insightful view of the box performance each season. It’s been super helpful.

7) I love how you guys use LikeShop! Can you speak to how you use it — not only to make your feed shoppable but also how you link out to your blog/article content?

Yes! It is so essential for driving box sales. It’s really fun to see which posts get the most clicks. We also use LikeShop to drive to different event pages and to link out to our online magazine. It’s been a great way for us to link all our followers to experience and learn more about the FabFitFun community.

Onto the speed round 🏃‍♀️

7) Favourite season of the year?

Summer — without a doubt!

8) 😎 What do you love most about summer?

I love wearing sundresses, being outside, and I love rosé.

9) Top 3 summer essentials?

  1. Rose water spray — there’s a Grace & Stella rose water spray which is in the summer box, and it’s amazing. It’s perfect for refreshing your makeup throughout the day.
  2. A straw bag — absolutely essential for the summertime.
  3. And lastly, I would have to say a denim mini skirt!

10) Favourite product in the Summer Box?

Odeme Pink Silicone Wine Glasses. You can pop them in your bag to take them to the beach or the park. Even if you’re not drinking wine, you can fill them up with lemonade or water — just a super cute easy way to drink on the go!

What’s next? Follow @caybabe and @fabfitfun on the ‘Gram to keep up with Caylee and the FabFitFun team! 🌺

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