FabFitFun’s Summer Social Strategy Unboxed

1) Can you tell us about your personal journey which led you to FabFitFun?

2) What’s your favourite thing about working in social media?

3) How do you think social media has impacted FabFitFun’s growth?

4) Other than Fab, Fit and Fun, can you use 3 other words to describe the brand? 😉

5) Seasonality is huge for FabFitFun — How does that come into play when planning your social calendar?

6) How do you incorporate Dash Hudson into your social strategy?

7) I love how you guys use LikeShop! Can you speak to how you use it — not only to make your feed shoppable but also how you link out to your blog/article content?

7) Favourite season of the year?

8) 😎 What do you love most about summer?

9) Top 3 summer essentials?

  1. Rose water spray — there’s a Grace & Stella rose water spray which is in the summer box, and it’s amazing. It’s perfect for refreshing your makeup throughout the day.
  2. A straw bag — absolutely essential for the summertime.
  3. And lastly, I would have to say a denim mini skirt!

10) Favourite product in the Summer Box?



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Dash Hudson

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