Growing Up Goody: A Heritage Hair Brand’s Visionary Social Strategy [Case Study]

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Pre-digital era brands: in need of a social media makeover? Say hello to Dash Hudson. 👋

Breaking through the noise on social media for brands is hard enough, but then again you could be in the ultra-competitive beauty industry. Beauty brands, we feel you. While many brands have been using visual marketing channels as a launch pad since day one, legacy brands are faced with figuring out how to incorporate social media into their traditional marketing strategies, and integrate into the social sphere.

Goody has been our trusted hair accessories brand for over a century. A true oldie but goodie. 😉 It’s the brand behind the hair styling essentials we’ve all known and loved since we were kids, and that continue to be a mainstay on our wrists years later.

While Goody has mastered how to capture our attention in drugstore aisles across the country, the brand needed to command a similar presence in today’s digital era. As the Goody brand continues to evolve, the team at Goody turned to social media to add an extra layer to the brand’s marketing playbook. The brand’s strategy aims to stay in the hearts and hair of consumers, making Instagram the perfect avenue to drive top of mind awareness and brand growth.

Goody quickly learned that growing its online audience and honing a content strategy can go hand in hand — so long as your strategy has the perfect mix of data and creative je ne sais quoi. To find that balance and hone its social strategy, the team tapped visual marketing platform Dash Hudson.

Goody’s social team wanted to maintain a diverse content mix on their feed, as well as understand what type of content resonates most with different segments of the brand’s audience. These insights helped Goody to effectively grow its following, while staying true to its brand identity. Using Dash Hudson’s Boards tool, the brand was able to break its content out into pillars and understand which categories were generating the highest engagement from its audience. The team learned to lean into the brand’s playful persona with content that spans from inspirational quotes and clever memes to stylish updos and impressive braids to optimize growth and engagement on social.

Want to know what else Goody learned? Here’s what we’ll uncover in the case study:

  • How Goody uses Boards to understand what type of content engages it audience.
  • How Goody’s social team leverages AI technology to drive performance across its most important visual marketing channels.
  • The staggering follower growth that Goody’s experienced since working with Dash Hudson.

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Goody has been the go-to hair accessory brand for American girls and man bun growers since the early 20th century. What’s amazing about this heritage hair brand is the company’s ability to remain innovative and relevant in its category for over 100 years. Goody’s present day strategy — to stay in the hearts and hair of consumers — involves everyone’s favorite social channel, Instagram.

Ouchless Opportunities

On Instagram, Goody communicates its cheerful and lively brand identity through vibrant photos and videos that showcase its products and the personality of the Goody customer. The channel provides an opportunity for Goody to interact directly with its fans, and to create and share content that resonates with its community. The social team at Goody uses the Dash Hudson Boards tool to achieve this goal. In Boards, the team at Goody groups its photos and videos into categories like product type, stylized product shots, quotes, hair images, model photography, and more. Boards then provides Goody with performance data for each of these content pillars. With this data at hand in real-time, Goody can optimize its content mix to appeal to the aesthetic tastes of its following, driving engagement and growth for the brand on Instagram.

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Header image: @goodyhair

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