How Carbon38 Drives New Revenue With LikeShop: A Case Study

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[This post was originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

We’ve stressed time and again on this very blog the importance of leveraging your Instagram link in bio to drive sales and traffic. We even gave you concrete examples on how to get creative with it to bring more value to your audience.

Dash Hudson’s LikeShop tool is the perfect solution to help transform your business’ Instagram account into a multi-faceted marketing channel, complete with monetizing capabilities. Online retailers, take heed: social commerce is the new storefront.

One of our ultra savvy customers, fitness e-tailer Carbon38, has become an industry pack leader in the multi-billion dollar athleisure category. Pretty crazy, considering that it isn’t even an official word. But the brand can also be commended for its Instagram affinities, recognizing that a well-rounded approach could give them the edge. With a social media strategy revolving around the company’s athletic narrative, the LikeShop link in bio tool enables them to meet their audience’s demand, and measure every step of the process.

To properly chronicle their rise as Instagram activewear trailblazers, we followed their initiatives and their embracing of our unrestrictive solution. Its use allowed them the freedom to render their Instagram a key channel for trade, traffic and community.

Aside from invaluable Instagram marketing tips, here are some specific learnings you’ll take away from this case study:

  • Why the LikeShop tool was the ideal solution to accelerate Carbon38’s marketing efforts.
  • How robust and granular LikeShop is for surfacing and tracking key data points, as well as important metrics.
  • How LikeShop’s unique features enabled Carbon38 to scale and inform its social media strategy.
  • How Carbon38 increased web sessions, sales conversions, average number of purchases, and revenue from Instagram, all in once place.
  • Concrete growth and monetization results yielded since the easy implementation of LikeShop.

You’ll find a short excerpt of the case study below, but download it for free now for the full play-by-play. 🏋

[Get your free copy the Carbon38 case study now.]

As an e-tailer, much of Carbon38’s marketing initiatives revolve around digital and social. Instagram is a key channel for Carbon38 and is used to connect with consumers, promote product offerings, and drive new traffic to its website. Carbon38 had previously experimented with a well-known “link-in-bio” monetization tool, but were unimpressed by its limited functionality and ability to convert new customers.

The company needed a more robust solution that would be
easy to implement, surface data on a granular level, and drive significant sales. Fortunately, Dash Hudson was thereto provide Carbon38 with a powerful platform to enhance its strategy and drive meaningful results

Utilizing Dash Hudson’s new shoppable Instagram tracking, as well as being able to quickly and clearly see which posts are driving traffic through the LikeShop tab, has allowed me to hone in on the types of creative and UGC that drive revenue.
-Harrison Edwards, Social Media Coordinator at Carbon38


To discover the numbers, download the case study now for free. Is it your turn to reach new milestones through our simple solution built for social commerce? Perhaps it is.

The need for high performance is greater than ever.

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