How to Build a Successful Instagram Account from Scratch

Started from the bottom now we here.
A clear, informative bio ftw.

1. Make a Killer Bio

  • Your profile pic. Most brands use their company logo, which is smart and leaves no confusion as to what account people land on. While this practice makes the most sense, it’s not mandatory. The rule of thumb is going with something high quality and representative. For example, Glossier’s bio image is a solid circle of the brand’s ubiquitous #glossierpink.
  • Your website. This is the only spot in all of Instagram (safe for swiping up in Stories) where you can enter a hyperlink to redirect your audience somewhere. Be wise and input your website, where people will be able to learn more about your fledgeling biz. Once you’ve built up your audience, you can move on to bigger and better things like a link-in-bio solution. In the meantime, stick to a discovery mode mindset.
  • A brief, concise description. Sum up nicely what you are and what you do to inform folks in a flash. Instagrammers have no time to lose, so keeping this brief is crucial.
  • Decide on either a regular or business account. This one is purely up to you. Here at Dash Hudson, we recommend identifying your brand as a business, if only for educative purposes. It also legitimizes your company on the Instagram marketing circuit. We wouldn’t believe any of the low engagement rumors that surround business accounts, as we’ve witnessed both ends of the spectrum.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

3. Establish a Voice and Tone

4. Make a Content Plan

5. Be Consistent

  • Your aesthetic. That goes for individual image quality as well as overall grid appearance. Keep the same filters on rotation, ensure an overall flow with the way your images are looking as an ensemble, don’t post something random.
  • Your tone of voice. Don’t suddenly turn into a Serena if you’ve been a Blair all along. See point #3.
  • Your posting frequency. Post frequently to establish a cadence with your audience. We’ve got the 411 on the frequency sweet spot and Instagram peak times.
New kid on the cool girl scene is lingerie brand Lively, who built a gifting program for “women with wild hearts and boss brains” to spread the word, accumulating content for their own feed in the process.

6. Create a Gifting Program

7. Run an Ad

8. Monitor Your Account Activity and Adjust Accordingly

Goal searching: do you want to prompt users to learn more or to shop now?



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