How to Elevate Your Instagram Stories Ads [Case Study]

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[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

The Instagram marketing sector is not what it was one year ago. The territory is fast-evolving, unrelenting, and, well, downright merciless. If you can’t keep up, you might as well bow out. Only the strong can thrive.

And the extra strong lead.

Enter: REVOLVE, e-tailer-extraordinaire-turned-household-brand catering to the masses by harnessing the power of social influence, one It girl at a time. Never one to be behind a trend, the REVOLVE social team has already been experimenting with what will be a huge marketing current this year, robust paid social strategies (side note: learn more about those during our upcoming webinar on February 6).

While our rad new Story Studio tool was introduced to the world in December, the brilliant team of marketers at REVOLVE had already been using it for weeks to elevate the creation of their branded Instagram Stories, especially in ad form.

We teamed up with REVOLVE to document the progress and results of those Instagram Stories ads, which we packaged into a beautiful case study, ready for you to download.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How REVOLVE’s social team was able to elevate their Instagram Stories ads by creating them with the Dash Hudson Story Studio.
  • The engagement increase REVOLVE experienced with Instagram Stories ads created with the DH Story Studio.
  • What kind of creative worked best for REVOLVE’s paid strategy and how the team optimized it.
  • REVOLVE’s return on ad spend (ROAS) from running Instagram Stories ads created with Story Studio.

Wet your whistle with the short excerpt below, and get the full PDF delivered to your inbox now. 🎬

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REVOLVE’s paid social team loves using Instagram Stories to share a slice of the REVOLVE lifestyle with new consumers. But these new ad formats also come with new challenges — the paid social team was looking to create elevated ads on Instagram Stories that would be engaging and easy to produce. They turned to Dash Hudson’s latest release, Story Studio, to tackle this task.

One of our concerns with Instagram Stories ads is that we are limited on resources. Often when we want to push ads, they take a lot of time to create and launch days get delayed. With Story Studio and the ability to create ads immediately, it really cuts down on the time it takes to go live. The templates have been so helpful for us!
-Alisa Harada, Marketing Manager at REVOLVE

More people than ever are watching Instagram Stories. Video has been hailed as the format of the future. Paid social is increasingly vital. All of that combined points to one solution: put more effort into your Instagram Stories and back them up with some budget. Let the results of this case study prove that when you elevate your ad game, a successful outcome ensues.

And trust that if REVOLVE is doing it, you want to do it too. ✨

Get the case study now!

Header image: @revolve

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