How to Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot

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Finding out what works and what doesn’t for your brand on Instagram can be a pretty tough endeavor without the proper tools. You could be waltzing through your social efforts without ever realizing that you should be dropping certain strategies to focus on others deemed more meaningful to your audience.

As we all know, social media is about so much more than the act of posting pretty pictures and rad video marketing. It’s about strategy, the perfect marriage of data and creativity, teamwork, planning, branding, the list goes on. Instagram is a business accelerator like no other, and if you don’t have a firm grasp on your performance, your ROI, and how you’re allocating your resources, you might as well just be shooting in the dark. A creative Instagram is one thing, and its optimization is another.

That’s precisely what Dash Hudson helps brands to do by offering a one-stop shop solution to assimilate all Instagram features. It’s also how we came to support beauty sponge tool beautyblender in achieving a higher level of Instagram marketing performance. Since partnering with the makeup blender brand, we followed its progress on the channel to illustrate how the Dash Hudson platform can boost a business by providing deep insights to enable a more profound understanding of social efforts and results.

With the support of our tools, beautyblender was able to discover that video content should be a primary focus on its Instagram feed, all while being provided with functionality to facilitate this implementation. Download the marketing case study now to find out:

  • How beautyblender was able to determine that video was a really high performing medium for the brand’s Instagram account.
  • How the social team was able to increase the output of brand video examples showcasing its product.
  • What kind of solutions were implemented to facilitate the adapted strategy.
  • What internal strategies were adopted to optimize and streamline teamwork.
  • How beautyblender is able to find the best UGC to repurpose, and assess whether it will make for successful posts on its feed.
  • How the social team uses insights to inform its Instagram content strategy and user-generated video advertising.

See below for a short excerpt of the Instagram case study and get the rest delivered to your inbox now. 🎬

Beautyblender has drawn an active following on Instagram that responds especially well to short motion pictures. No surprise here: it’s an ideal format for maquillage enthusiasts to demonstrate their application genius and unique beauty creations. In fact, the account has become a destination for fans to view inspiring, prolific looks. Beautyblender wanted to build on this momentum, and identified its need for a video publishing Instagram solution that would support discovery, key performance indicators (KPIs), and scheduling.

In order for beautyblender to increase its video output on Instagram, the social team needed to have easy access to user-generated content (UGC). This would not only help them capitalize on vid hype, but it would bolster their publishing schedule as well. Dash Hudson surfaces all fan-created videos from brand mentions, hashtags, and geotags for the editors to choose from to complement its in-house branded content. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Organic Reach tab is my savior! I can find content and schedule posts directly from it. I also love it to discover videos where the brand is only tagged in the comments. Other platforms don’t pull this data — we’d lose out on a huge portion of valuable content.
-Julia Casella, Social Media Manager at beautyblender

Figuring out what Instagram strategy works best for your brand is crucial to optimizing content and to consequently propel your brand to new heights. Having the Dash Hudson platform in its very own toolkit enabled beautyblender to discover its Insta sweet spot while also streamlining the team’s efforts internally. Those beautyblender original candy-looking sponges were undoubtedly destined to become an Instagram brand.🍬Hello, flawless!

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