How to Leverage Social Media Influence Like Magnum Ice Cream

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

Magnum is back at it again at the illustrious Festival de Cannes, this time with another notable It girl. Did this year’s Cara campaign hold a candle to last’s year’s Jenner effect?

We’re here to investigate.

Premium ice cream brand Magnum is no stranger to leveraging social media to create hype around their products. They regularly commission influencers for collaborations and they often repurpose user-generated content to populate their gallery. One glance at their social media activities suggests that they have a strong content strategy that directly derives from their bigger brand strategy.

Magnum’s positioning as a premium sweet treat makes a grand glam affair like the Cannes Film Festival a perfect opportunity to plot an extravagant activation that matches the brand’s decadence. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The event’s image lends itself to their brand and sets the perfect tone to build buzz around their indulgent bars.
  • It can bring awareness to their bars among the right audiences.
  • Cannes’s grandiosity basically begs to be exploited with an extravagant bash.
  • Celebrities are already congregated in that region, guaranteeing high attendance from the most revered stars in the world at their party.
  • They can capitalize on the Cannes red carpet cachet with compelling content by offering their followers a glimpse into that world.

We put their efforts from last year under the microscope — a campaign with Kendall Jenner as the protagonist. It was so huge that we lost sleep thinking about how they were going to follow it up (just kidding 😴 😇).

Well, it was just as grand and just as fun, and it came with a plot twist: this year’s #realeasethebeast star was yet another one of the world’s most followed celebritities on Insta, Cara Delevingne. But that’s not all! The indulgent ice cream bar brand also collaborated with über fun fashun house Moschino, helmed by the eccentric and entertaining Jeremy Scott, a bona fide star of his own with plenty of social influence to boot. They created a MAGNUM x MOSCHINO tote capsule collection to be launched at Cannes.

By having commissioned not one, but two influential folks to generate buzz around their Cannes extravaganza, plus involving a luxury house to design a collection for them, were they able to top their efforts from the previous year? I guess what we’re asking is: can Kendall Jenner be beat?

Let’s find out.

Metric #1: Engagement

While their engagement seems pretty steady, they did see an increase during the course of Cannes, reaching a climax on the 19th, the date of their big bash.

Two of the Cara campaign posts made it in Magnum’s top 4 highest engaged content of the month, proving that it resonated with their audience.

KJ’s impact:

All of Magnum’s posts featuring Kendall last year crushed their average engagement rate. In fact, so much so that their top 3 highest engaged posts of all time were from that activation.

Metric #2: UGC (Organic Reach)

There were 5 important days on which the Magnum Instagram account was tagged by its contracted stars. Put together, they racked up 119 millionimpressions. We’ll let you wrap your head around that figure for just a second.

KJ’s impact:

Kendall didn’t post nearly as frequently as what Magnum got from Cara, Jeremy and Moschino, and according to our observations from last year, there was really only one day where Kendall earned Magnum extra impressions. That reach was higher than what the current stars can yield individually, but it did not come close to what they were able to produce in total.

Metric #3: Followers

Throughout Cannes on the 4 days where the Magnum account was tagged heavily in posts by Cara, Jeremy and Moschino, they added nearly 5K followers in total. Their daily average is 554.

KJ’S impact:

Well this is one where Kendall’s power reaffirms its might. Kendall helped Magnum gain almost 8.5K new followers in one day last year. Mic drop.

To really understand the resonance of each activation on Magnum’s own channel, we segmented the Kendall and Cara posts to observe the concrete evidence. Here’s what it looks like:

The Cara Delevingne posts did not perform as well on Magnum’s account as the Kendall Jenner content, but that is to be expected. Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous women in the world, belonging to America’s royal family (really, though, let’s face it). She’s the object of fascination for much of the globe’s population and her fans are as obsessed loyal as they come. It’s therefore not surprising that all posts featuring the elder Jenner crushed hard.

What’s interesting to observe here is that while Kendall’s individual impact is much greater, Magnum’s strategy this go ‘round was to spread their reach wider instead of deeper. By tapping more than one influential Insta maverick, they ensured that they struck just as hard as with a solo Jenner thanks to a higher volume of UGC, distributed throughout various days. The results yielded more exposure among different audiences, and likely more pertinent ones than that of KJ’s Gen Z legion.

This is the highest engaged post from the Cara Delevingne Cannes activation, coming in at 1.95%. That’s 0.68% more than their average of 1.27%.

We’ll let them determine which activation proved more beneficial for their brand based on their goals, but it’s safe to assert that this was another major social marketing victory for the brand. Talk about Magnum Double. 🍦

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