How to Streamline Teamwork Processes for Social Media [Case Study]

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

It’s no secret that marketing teams juggle approximately a million things at once at all times. While social media coming into our lives was pretty exciting from a brand perspective, it didn’t exactly alleviate the tasks of these well-oiled, often swamped departments… And because channels like Instagram dip into both the marketing and creative divisions of a company, things were inevitably going to get knotty.

While post-social media brands have had the advantage of being born into it, those that date back to a time before we were all fluent in hashtags would need to accommodate for these new mediums and change their processes. Real talk: that’s never an easy feat.

This is precisely what the teams behind Rent the Runway’s fire 🔥 Instagram content were recently confronted with. Sure, their gallery showcased a well curated grid of beautiful visuals, but the hoops that needed to be jumped through to get there were far too plentiful. The company that revolutionized occasionwear by enabling women to wear the runway and rent designer clothes was in need of an internal overhaul. The solution was to come in the form of social collaboration tools.

That’s when Rent the Runway turned to the Dash Hudson suite to streamline their methods, collaborate more efficiently between involved teams, as well as save precious time and resources. We followed their progress as they shifted their course of action to effectively transform their inter-department liaisons and proceedings, consequently allowing them to focus more on their social media strategy.

Dash Hudson’s tools helped RTR change internally for the better. Download the case study to find out:

  • Which tools enabled Rent the Runway to optimize productivity.
  • How the multiple teams involved were able to improve communication.
  • What new protocols were set in place in lieu of their pre-DH ways.
  • How much time the employees are able to save each week to focus on other important tasks.
  • How Dash Hudson facilitates teamwork with one specific proprietary tool.
  • How Rent the Runway was able to improve its Instagram performance thanks to all the implemented changes.
  • What Instagram insights the brand focuses on to refine its social efforts.

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When Rent the Runway joined Instagram in 2012, the team crafted the brand’s social narrative to celebrate their customers and tell the story of an “endless closet”. However, the round-the-clock nature of the channel made for internal struggles. The social, marketing, and creative departments were all involved in generating, publishing, and measuring content, and were spread too thin. It was clear: RTR needed a solution as sleek as the garments gracing the brand’s Instagram gallery.

The World is a Runway

Rent the Runway wanted to center the brand’s visual journey around customer stories. To achieve this, the team needed easy access to the volumes of user-generated content (UGC) being created by fans daily. Photos featuring relatable women wearing RTR rentals were consistently top performers on their Instagram feed, but the manual process of sifting through tagged posts to source these images wasn’t cutting it. With a lot of cooks in the kitchen, yet no synthesized solution in place, the time-intensive content vetting process made for extensive internal communication delays.

Having access to all of our UGC is my favorite thing about Dash Hudson. As we get so many tags each day, it’s been overwhelming to search through Instagram itself. This makes it simple to assess and share the best content coming through.
-Alyssa Bronander, Senior Content Strategist at Rent the Runway

An inter-departmental streamlined workflow is often underestimated, but it’s one of the most beneficial assets a company can possess to get ahead. Not only will it save employees a ton of time and resources, but it’ll also make internal methods much more efficient, enabling teams to accomplish more in a shorter period.

Aka precisely what happened when Rent the Runway and Dash Hudson got together. 💯

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