In Conversation with Alexander Atkins of Master & Dynamic

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

The ever-changing nature of social media gives creatives room to experiment and explore — and, for a premium audio brand like Master & Dynamic, exploration is the key to unlocking a five-star feed. Dash Hudson spoke to the man behind the profile, Alexander Atkins, about his masterful, dynamic 😉 approach to social and the data that drives decisions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Crafting a unique brand story across channels takes a strong visual point of view and attention to detail.
  • Hashtag challenges with a clear CTA inspire on-brand user-generated content marketers can repurpose in-feed.
  • Closely monitoring data and pinpointing specific timelines can provide evidence to executives when it’s time to make creative decisions.

From Product to Page: Infusing Brand DNA at Every Touchpoint

All great ideas start somewhere. For Master & Dynamic, it was a WWII-era set of aviation headphones that sparked their journey into audio gear. With a focus on quality, longevity, and clean, crisp design, the brand’s product ethos had to seamlessly translate into engaging cross-channel content — and that’s where social media manager Alexander Atkins is leading the charge. How does he do it? Details, design, and data.

Sleek flat lays and product close-ups are a great visual foundation but, for Atkins, it’s the character of his audience that inspires creative direction. Who is the Master & Dynamic customer, what do they care about, and where do they take their headphones? The brand’s #EscapeToExplore hashtag, fueled by an obsession with travel, helped populate its feed with beautiful destinations that reinforce a core message: your headphones are a part of your journey.

Of course, experimenting is always a risk in the business world. So, when it’s time to project the brand story forward on social and make decisions about what comes next, Atkins turns to data. Dash Hudson provides the powerful insight he needs into how Master & Dynamic’s target audiences interact with content, from posts to Stories to UGC — and at a granular level he can customize.

Watch the full interview here and follow @masterdynamic for all things premium audio gear.

Header image: @masterdynamic

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