In Conversation with Alexandra Amarotico From Eloquii

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Here at Dash Hudson, we love social media editors ☺️ . Even more so when they’re a part of our family, like the lovely Alexandra Amarotico from ELOQUII. Get to know her below!

We are all well aware that marketing on Instagram is not an easy feat. It’s a multi-faceted endeavor that is much harder than it appears. So when we encounter someone that makes it look completely effortless, we take notice.

One glance at ELOQUII’s killer Instagram gallery and it’s impossible not to notice the bright colors, the enthusiastic energy, the positive vibes and the all-around fun trends that pop on the screen. When you meet Alex, their sharply intelligent and exceptionally lovely social media manager, it’s clear that her personality transpires into her work and that the brand is better for it.

ELOQUII taps into a vastly unchartered corner of the womenswear market that is ripe with opportunity: really cool clothes that happen to cater to plus size women. It’s no wonder their Instagram account now boasts upwards of 106K followers, and is growing rapidly thanks to Alexandra’s expertise. ELOQUII fashion is striking a huge cord on Instagram and the brand is right on the frontline, seizing the social media optimization opportunity.

Read on to learn how Alex got into social media marketing, what she loves about Instagram, and, for good measure, what she can’t live without (hint: 🐶).

Name and occupation:

Alexandra Amarotico, Social Marketing Manager at ELOQUII

1. What was your college major, and why did you choose it?

Management Accounting and International Business. (True story!) My parents both earned business degrees to support their creative passions for the culinary arts, and used their combined skills to launch a successful restaurant. This inspired me to go to business school for a strong foundation that I could use to support my own love of fashion and visual arts.

Hi Rebel!

2. Favorite part of the job?

Social media touches so many departments and skillsets, which is perfect for a self-diagnosed “Jack of all trades” like myself! I love that at ELOQUII I can develop and create content, write copy, connect with customers and influencers, throw events, collaborate with other departments, build out reports and strategic plans, and discover new platforms — all in one day! No two days are alike, and it keeps me excited and on my toes.

3. Favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram (of course!). It’s a beautiful platform and home to such a creative, inspirational community. I love checking in with it every day! One of the best parts of my job is connecting with our ELOQUII community through our daily Instagram Live videos, our DM inbox, and our user generated content hashtag #XOQ. We respond to every single comment and message, and it makes our followers feel like family. We celebrate birthdays and milestones together, help pick out first date outfits, and so much more! It’s magical.

4. What makes a great Instagram post for ELOQUII?

A real woman with a big smile and a fantastic ELOQUII outfit, who looks and feels fantastic in her own skin! We encourage our community to share their outfit photos with the hashtag #XOQ, and we repost their pictures every single day alongside our editorial and other in-house content. Seeing real women who look amazing in their daily lives helps our followers relate and visualize how our new styles will actually look on them.

5. What is your Instagram guilty pleasure?

Instagram Live! I love how off-the-cuff and natural it is, due to the fact that it only lives in the moment. We host daily Instagram Live streams for our fans to show them new styles and behind-the-scenes content that they wouldn’t see otherwise, and we always try to tune into their own live videos as well. It’s such a personal, fun way to connect on the platform and give our community exclusive access to our culture and team.

6. Three things you can’t live without?

My friends, my iPhone, and my dog Bennett.

7. What’s on your travel bucket list?

Morocco! I’d love to visit and experience everything I’ve seen on Instagram J

8. Who’s your style icon?

Diane von Furstenberg. She’s fashion royalty, and the epitome of grace, poise, and good living.

9. Biggest vice? (be honest)

Calling my mother! We talk on the phone at least three times a day — she’s my role model and best friend.

10. Where can we find you on a Friday night?

Growing up in Oregon, I always dreamed of one day moving to New York City. Though I’ve lived in NYC for almost five years now, every weekend still feels like a vacation here! I love trying different restaurants, supporting my friends in their creative endeavors, and meeting new people in my favorite city on earth.

Now go check out ELQOUII on Insta for the raddest plus size fashion and give them a follow. While you’re at it, pop into peep into Alexandra’s world and say hello.

We’re happy and proud to have ELQOUII as a part of the DH family. If you want in too, get in touch today!




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