In the past, so much of beauty marketing meant touting magical formulas, promising overnight results, and advertising product on impossibly perfect models. Well, the times they have a changed. Now, consumers crave an authenticity, (a ubiquitous term these days, but also a hot commodity in the world of social) and any beauty brand that can communicate in a manner that’s genuine and aspirational, has achieved the elusive state of resonance with its audience.

Enter April Lockhart, brand marketing assistant manager at Caudalie Americas. April is the lucky lady who gets to dip into the (literal and figurative) pot of Caudalie goodness every day to spread knowledge — and a little whimsy — on social. And she does it well. April believes that authenticity can be best conveyed through a combination of product education, brand story, transparency…and a few shots of the French countryside don’t hurt either. 😌

When your skincare brand was born on a vineyard in Bordeaux, storytelling is a must. The discovery of the healing and beautifying benefits of grapes inspired founders Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas to infuse it into every product they create, in the most natural way possible. Now that’s something to talk about.

“On Instagram we love educating. Caudalie is a really genuine and unique brand, and a lot of people don’t know a lot about it. Part of our philosophy on Instagram is sharing what’s behind the brand, where we were born, and our heritage.”
April Lockhart, Brand Marketing Assistant Manager at Caudalie

Hit play below to get a behind-the-scenes look at Caudalie’s social perspective, and how April uses Dash Hudson daily to amplify her Instagram initiatives.

Join in on the journey and follow Caudalie — your feed (and skin) will thank you.

Header image: @caudalie

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