In Conversation with Blair Badge from Dr Roebuck’s Skincare

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At Dash Hudson, our customers inspire us daily, both with their social smarts, and aspirational aesthetics. We’re fortunate to work with some of the world’s raddest, most discerning brands and publishers — and we’d like to think a little bit of their magic rubs off on us every now and then. 😌

We strive to communicate in a way that is intelligent, friendly, and most importantly — real. But, where does it all start? From a cover photo, of course! 😉 Images speak volumes, and set the tone for any brand.

So, have you ever wondered who the face of the Dash Hudson blog is? Who that cool, sleek, fashion icon posted on our main page is IRL? * Drumroll please * It’s Blair Badge — Director of Digital and E-commerce at Dr Roebuck’s Skincare.

Just take a sec to check out her IG here. That. 👏 Aesthetic. 👏 Though.

Not only does she look the part, Blair Badge is the epitome of beauty inside and out. Born and raised in the Midwest, she pursued a degree in counselling — but ended up making her mark in the beauty and social sphere. From building up her well-known personal platform, to her role as Director of Digital and E-comm at Dr Roebuck’s, Blair is major #GirlBossGoals.

We sat down with Blair to discuss the meaning of beauty, and how it has evolved with the rise of social media and technology. We all want to know the secret to success in the beauty and tech space, so sit back and get ready for her to spill the tea. 🍵

1. How did you get started in social media?

It was just about a decade ago! I started working for a high-end luxury spa during college, and it was during the time of the recession. They were heavily involved in traditional advertising, like in the Yellow Pages, on billboards, etc. Basically, I made a pitch to the owner of the spa. I wanted to amplify the brand by testing out the waters of these new social media platforms to see if we could gain new customers through these channels.

After that, I worked for a couple different agencies in their digital department. I supported their e-commerce across all digital platforms and helped align their brand voice and esthetic across their digital touchpoints. During this time, I was able to connect with different clients and industries in the digital space which was a great learning and growing opportunity. Through a client, I met the VP of Digital and Technology at Luxury Brand Partners and joined the team in Miami as the Digital Lead at R+Co!

I also had a small blog at the time. I was born and raised in the Midwest and wanted to position myself as a thought leader in the fashion and beauty world. My blog and social profiles reflected my personal style and were a way to expand my reach beyond the Midwest. I like to think of my blog as my sandbox. It was a place to experiment and test out digital best practices, and also a way to become known and gain street cred across the industry.

2. What do you love about working in the tech and beauty industry?

That’s a great question. What I love about the beauty industry is at the heart of it. It’s making people feel great about themselves. Whether that’s enhancing what you have naturally or by self-care. I think my background in counseling plays really well, even though people associate beauty with a physical appearance. I think of beauty as more of a holistic, 360 feeling about yourself and projecting that to the world.

What I love about the tech industry is that it’s constantly changing — I am so curious and love a challenge. There’s always new platforms and ways to market to consumers. I love learning what’s coming down the line. Beauty is also always changing and evolving, with new product innovation coming out all the time. You’re never bored in either industry, and that’s what I love about the hybrid of the two together.

3. Tips for anyone starting off their career in this space?

It’s very simple. Hard work and persistence pays off. I have a Midwestern approach to work ethic — you have to dig in and push hard for what you want. In my 20’s I sacrificed a lot of evenings that I could have spent out with friends to continue to grow my career. Whether that was going to seminars and classes, or taking freelance clients. You have to figure out what works for you and what makes the most sense. I know that I had to put in the extra time and work to get where I wanted to be. Hard work pays off at the end of the day!

4. How do you use DH on a day-to-day?

One, I absolutely love Dash. I was so ecstatic to bring on DH at both R+Co and Dr Roebuck’s. We are very content focused and like to figure out what resonates with our audience. We utilize the Boards feature to drill into the analytics and see what posts have the potential to perform well, which is so valuable.

Vision has been extremely helpful within the first couple months of working at Dr Roebuck’s. I have been working very closely with our photographer and we will use Vision to analyze our digital assets to see which posts have the potential to perform well in terms of our past content.

Also from a more organizational perspective, the platform is so intuitive, and we are able to keep our marketing calendars organized through Scheduler.

Having a platform really helps drive our marketing ROI. We use the insights to report back to our executive leadership team to explain why we are posting what we are posting.

Brands are investing so much money in video and still assets. You want to make sure that what you’re posting resonates with your audience, and that you aren’t blowing your budget away. Dash is the perfect tool to explain and rationalize how you are allocating your marketing budget.

Now…onto the speed round.

5. What is your holy grail Dr Roebuck’s product?

1) No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer: It is like a dream cream in a bottle, and is our global best seller. It has macadamia oil and is super soothing. Not too heavy and not too lightweight!

2) A very close second is our BYRON 2-in-1 Mask and Scrub. I’ve gone through two bottles in the past few months because I love it so much!

6. Walk us through your skincare routine!

I have always been obsessed with skincare. I have an arsenal of several different options on my bathroom counter. I use our Dr Roebuck’s Noosa cleanser and Sunday Riley Good Genes serum which really helps even out my skin tone.

Depending on the day and how I’m feeling, I’ll whip out a face mask. I probably have 25 different masks in one of my drawers. It’s a problem.

7. If you could only pick three makeup products to use every day, what would they be?

1) Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick. This is amazing to cover up dark circles and I have been using it for over three years.

2) Blinc Mascara. I am obsessed with this mascara. It never runs (even in the Miami heat).

3) Kylie Cosmetics x Kris Jenner Palette. This palette has the most beautiful nude shades which are perfect for my skin tone.

8. Favourite beauty trend ATM?

I would say that from a beauty perspective, I’m really loving the whole self-care movement going on right now. Taking care of yourself not just from a skincare and fitness perspective — but also in terms of meditation, getting a good night’s rest, and clearing your mind is so important. Beauty truly is from the inside out. I really love that. You can topically look great, but internally be a mess. I think especially in this day and age, it’s so important to take care of your well-being and take care of yourself on the inside which reflects to your outside.

Keep up with Blair and the Dr Roebuck’s brand by following them on the ‘Gram here @blairbadge and @drroebucks.

Header image: @blairbadge

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