Introducing the New Dash Hudson Social Media Scheduler: The Upgrades Are Here

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

The Dash Hudson social media scheduler just got a major upgrade. Here’s everything you need to know.

You and your colleagues in our teamwork-conducive scheduler.

The New New

We mentioned last week that DH HQ had been buzzing with change, all good things of course. We introduced you to Story Studio, our rad new templates for brands to elevate their Instagram Stories game, and this week we’ve got another humdinger.

Our sprites have been hard at work and have implemented some really big changes on our already awesome social media scheduler. Don’t worry, everything you already know and love about the old one is still there, we’ve just added lots of good stuff.

It’s now fully integrated with all of your other important channels — ie Twitter, Facebook, and (soon to come) Pinterest — as well as not just your saved unscheduled posts, but also your entire media library and your galleries. That means never struggling to find a pic ever again and the elimination of lots of extra steps. This is going to facilitate the smoothest workflow you’ve ever experienced.

Is your head exploding yet?

So Extra

Now about that cross-channel stuff. Since your entire library of creative assets now lives directly in the Dash Hudson platform and is searchable by computer vision (aka find anything you need instantly), it will make your scheduling lives so.much.easier. This also allows the curation of different content for each channel, creating a unique stream for all your important networks in a matter of minutes.

Speaking the language of each different channel is important and underrated, and we built the scheduler to facilitate those exchanges you have with each unique audience — added value to incentivize your fans to follow you literally everywhere.

While this new and upgraded social media scheduler allows you to plan posts for all of your channels, it’s also there to streamline departmental exchanges. You can pull images to schedule directly from your Library or Galleries, where approved content lives. You can also tailor the posting notifications to who should be pinged when it’s time to publish, that way you’re not spamming every single person on your team who has access.

But that’s not all. Because computer vision is now an integral part of how social departments operate, our Vision tool is also fully integrated with creative assets in the scheduler and your entire content library. This provides insight into an image’s performance before it’s posted, allowing you to focus your attention on content that you know will engage your audience. Configured to both save you time and solve all your visual dilemmas.

Now last but ever so not least, the scheduler’s sister app also received an overhaul to match the capabilities of the desktop version — it’s more powerful than ever. It’s where Story Studio lives, and you can now pretty much do everything on mobile that you couldn’t in the past, including feed previewing and arranging, and plan posts for all of your other channels. It’s your all-access, all-encompassing, on the go slice of efficiency.

There you have it. If it sounds magical now, it’s even more so when you’re using it. Check in with our superstar customer success team if you’ve got any questions about the social media scheduler updates, and prepare to take your content publishing to new productivity heights.

Header image: @instagram

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