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In 2021, online shopping has become the norm. Over the last five years, growth in the digital shopping sector has been evident, and in 2020, US e-commerce sales were up 44% year over year. In response, businesses are looking for creative ways to drive people online to buy. Many brands are turning to social media to source top-performing content to showcase across e-commerce touch points.

Dash Hudson’s answer to dynamic content usage on the online customer journey is Spirit Galleries. With this solution brands can not only host galleries on home and product pages, but also easily integrate galleries into emails, and/or place them anywhere online using an URL-all while tracking the results.

Let’s take a look at how top brands are leveraging these tools to engage and convert their audience throughout the customer journey.


Leverage your best social content on your website to increase your e-commerce conversion rate. Spirit Galleries allow brands to easily create a photo gallery which can live on any page of your brands website, or in an email template. The best part? They’re completely customizable.

Curate your carousel or gallery by incorporating owned and user-generated content to optimize the shopping experience for your customers. You can create an inspirational gallery for your homepage, category pages, and product pages, so wherever your potential buyers are browsing, the social proof is there. You’re giving shoppers the chance to see the product in action at the point of sale, while at the same time showcasing how the product can fit into their day-to-day lives.

Show some love to your customers by showcasing their photos and videos on-site. In this day and age, UGC is the digital version of touching a product and encourages buyers to picture how they would style it, how it would fit into their existing makeup routine, or look with their living room. 90% of users trust UGC to influence their purchase decisions.

Develop additional monetization opportunities and expand revenue by making these galleries shoppable. The customization and multi-link functionality allows you to have total creative control. On-site galleries allow you to grow engagement on your website, while giving your brand’s social content a longer lifespan.


You’re not limited to sharing UGC and your top performing social content on-site. Easily integrate Spirit Galleries into your next email template to reach your most loyal customers.

Taking this approach can enhance any digital newsletter, announcement, or confirmation email with meaningful photos and videos that you know will resonate with your audience.


Drive more social revenue on channels like TikTok by using the customizable URL feature in Spirit Galleries. Take your TikTok users from the For You page to your products in a matter of seconds. You can grow and convert your audience by offering a curated shoppable portal through the TikTok link in bio. Bonus points if you use LikeShop for Instagram to create a seamless cross-channel experience for your followers.

“We use Spirit Galleries on a daily basis and find that it is the best way to direct our consumers to our website when speaking to a particular product on TikTok. The feature itself is user friendly and provides useful data on how many clicks each video received, so we can gauge what types of videos performed the best in terms of click-through rates!”

— Supergoop! Social Media Team

“TikTok Spirit Galleries are essential for our presence on the platform-having an easily accessible place to drive users, allowing them to shop and experience the brand in more depth is ideal for a platform that’s not yet as commerce-forward as others. It’s a great, easy-to-implement tool that we’ll continue to maintain as TikTok grows.”

Madeline Davis, Senior Social Media Manager at Youth to the People

Another tip to reach new audiences is to allow your influencers to host your brand’s Spirit Galleries themselves. Place your galleries anywhere online with the customizable URL. Directly track the success of your influencer's link-in-bio using clicks and views; you can easily see who is driving the most traffic to your site.

At Dash Hudson, we believe in giving brands the tools to take their visual marketing performance to new heights. Creating social proof marketing through on-site galleries is one of the ways that we make it quick and easy for marketing and e-commerce teams to get the most out of their social media content.

Whether your goal is to repurpose your brand’s social content online or to aggregate your top UGC through a custom URL, our galleries tool can help you level up your e-commerce strategy and improve the performance of your digital touch points with consumers.

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Originally published on April 19, 2021.



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