Marketing on TikTok: From Dances to Dollars

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[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog]

Brands have been exploring the idea of marketing on TikTok since the Renegade dance first made headlines and skyrocketed the channel’s global popularity. With an algorithm unlike most other social sharing platforms, TikTok helps content get discovered faster and by more people than ever thought possible (especially without a pre-existing audience). For brands, this offers an invaluable opportunity to maximize awareness with key demographics — but ways to monetize this content are still few and far between.

Enter: Shoppable TikTok, Dash Hudson’s TikTok link-in-bio solution.

Not every TikTok account can access the link-in-bio option. To know whether or not you qualify, click the “edit” button on your profile and look for a “website” field. If you have it, this is where your link will go. If you don’t see it, go to the top of your profile and click the three dots in the right-hand corner. Navigate to the “Join TikTok Tester” button, and you can join the clickable links beta program by following the directions from there. Just like that, you can now put your website, ecommerce platform, or any link of your choosing into your bio for followers to click.

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Tracking your metrics is an important part of any marketing initiative — but numbers don’t mean much without a clear goal in mind. First, consider what you want your TikTok link in bio to achieve. Next, take advantage of the right tools to help you get there. For example, if shopping is your top priority, Dash Hudson’s Spirit Galleries allow you to mirror your entire feed of posts in a standalone URL with up to 25 links per image. This means followers can directly shop their favorite TikToks faster than you can say Addison Rae. And it’s trackable, too. Through your Gallery you can log views and clicks any time, making it easy to set and monitor goals and discover the content that truly drives revenue in one convenient place.

Diving into the numbers even further and getting granular with influencer and trend content is also a great way to uncover areas of opportunity to invest in for quicker payoff — especially on a channel like TikTok where trends are the center of content creation. A quick Google Analytics setup can allow you to directly track conversions as well. Mastering the rhythm of your workflow and honing your strategy now allows you to save on time and budget while marketing on TikTok is still pretty new (and not as fiercely competitive on a brand level).

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So, you’ve got a TikTok link in bio. Is clickable content really going to impact your conversions? For starters, it drastically reduces your customers’ journey from discovery to checkout. They no longer have to search Google or cross-reference posts to find the product they’re looking for. It’s a seamless way to transition from your content to your website in fewer steps, which lowers the chance of customer frustration and potential sales lost. Adding multiple links to one post also helps increase average cart value — not to mention priming TikTok’s currently untapped audience for shopping. Did you know 1 in 4 TikTok users can’t be found on any other channel? Go, go, go — you hit the lottery.

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