Pinterest Metrics: How to Measure and What to do With Them

The Numbers to Know

  1. Link Clicks: The name of the game on Pinterest. Understanding the number of clicks on each of your pins provides you with insight into what type of content is converting pinners to your website and into real customers.
  2. Impressions: Indicates how many times users laid eyes on your pin. Unlike other visual channels, your impressions don’t peak the day your pin goes live. Your pins age like fine wine, generating more impressions over time. This also means that it takes time to measure the impact of your pins and to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  3. Closeups: Tells you how many users are tapping on your pin, meaning that they either want to see it up close and personal, or view the description. This metric provides insight into which of your pins are capturing attention.
  4. Saves: The number of pinners that are saving your pin to one of their own boards. This provides insight into which of your pins are resonating most with your target audience and inspiring their projects and purchases.
  5. Engagement: On Pinterest, engagement is measured by link clicks+comments+close ups+saves/impressions. Similar to other channels, it provides insight into which pins evoke audience action. The biggest difference? Clicks, comments, closeups, and saves each provide a different value to your brand’s performance on Pinterest and are at a different point of a pinner’s journey. Comments and closeups indicate what type of content resonates the most with pinners, while clicks and saves are more closely tied to conversions.

Break it Down by Boards and Pins

Next Level Pinterest Insights

  1. DH Boards serves a whole different purpose than Pinterest Boards. Pinterest Boards are for organizing your content on your Pinterest profile. DH Boards enable brands to break content out into unique pillars to measure how specific styles of content perform with your audience. Brands can identify visual trends, measure specific campaigns, and create benchmarks for your unique content pillars.
  2. Scheduler is a key tool for brands to get as much content into the Pinternet as possible. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, anything you know about posting cadence on other visual channels doesn’t apply to Pinterest. With Pinterest serving as a curated search engine, the ultimate goal is for your brand to show up in as many searches as possible. So it’s a no brainer that pumping an abundance of content into Pinterest is necessary to capture attention. With this in mind, we created a scheduling and publishing tool to help you maintain a constant flow of pins to feed the engine. Seamlessly bulk schedule up to 10 pins at a time through the Dash Hudson Scheduler. With Pinterest Auto-Publish, set it and forget it.
  3. Pinterest Insights keeps tabs on your pins, engagement, and audience behavior all in one place. With Dash Hudson’s Pinterest tool, brands can easily understand what pins are driving each stage of engagement, and gather actionable insights to drive performance at each point of the process.



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