REVOLVE in the Hamptons: Big Party, Serious Social Media Strategy

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[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

This is the case study you’ve been waiting for.

We all know that running successful social media channels takes a ton of work and a robust strategy to boot. Most people think it’s all fun and games, but the truth of the matter is that it takes a lot of effort to make it look effortless. The accounts that get it make our eyes widen and our ears perk up.

That is certainly the way REVOLVE operates. The Los Angeles-based e-tailer took its operations to entire new heights by leveraging social media and focusing particularly on Instagram. I meannnnn.😍 Can you blame us for wanting to dig into it?

To provide a quick recap: REVOLVE essentially hopped onboard the influencer marketing train very early, quickly realizing that using young cool girls to promote their cute threads was a super effective way to reach their target demographic. When brand director Anna Tran🌟 concluded that REVOLVE’s customers were hip millennial women with the same cultural references, similar priorities, and identical vernacular as herself, she was ble to craft an ultra compelling social strategy to be able to talk with them and not at them.

The REVOLVE game plan progressed into super chic activations across the globe (#REVOLVEaroundtheworld), making a major bang by telegraphing big fun. These campaigns became and integral component of their Instagram marketing strategy, helping them boost brand awareness, organic reach, and ultimately, sales. By selecting the cream of the crop of Instagrammers with substantial social influence, their epic parties actually stemmed from serious strategy.

Which brings us to the topic du jour, their annual summer getaway in — where else? — the Hamptons. It might take the cake for their most extravagant bash of the year (sorry, Coachella). It’s without a doubt that with all the crucial moving parts necessary to make this summer affair successful, they would need to rely on a heavy duty data partner to not only inform strategy, but to measure the results after the fact. Enter Dash Hudson.

In order to get the full scope of what the #REVOLVEinthehamptons social activation was able to yield, we packaged every single detail into a beautiful case study. Here are some key things you’ll learn once you get your hands on it:

  • How REVOLVE was able to set and meet their campaign goals.

Like we said earlier, it might look like fun and games, but it’s all very cerebral behind the scenes.

Download the REVOLVE Instagram case study PFD today to see the magical results for yourself! 🦄

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