Strategies for High Performance from the Top Brands on Instagram

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog]

It’s no secret that social media is still evolving. As new channels, features, and trends emerge it can be easy for social marketers to get caught up in short-term tactics and lose sight of long-term goals. To stay focused and carve out a clear path for the future, it’s crucial to recognize the most important metrics across every channel-and Instagram is a great place to start.

Dash Hudson’s annual industry benchmark reports are the perfect foundation for brands to understand where they stack up on Instagram against the competition in their unique markets-but, what about where they stand overall? This year, we took it a step further and calculated KPI averages for the top brands on Instagram to discover what true success really looks like for both established and emerging accounts.

Average Engagement: 3.25%

So, what do brands like Santa Monica Proper Hotel, I Dew Care, and Koenigsegg have in common on Instagram? Consistency. In this case there isn’t one particular type of imagery or caption that resonates across brands, but the consistent delivery of the subjects and aesthetics their respective audiences crave. It suggests that brands don’t need to turn outward for inspiration, but look inward to their communities and leverage data to drive home results.

Average Growth Rate: 0.34%

Average Weekly Owned Reach: 122,530,410

Average Effectiveness Rate 19.64%

Tips for Longevity

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Originally published at on February 12, 2021.

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