The Best Financial Services Companies on Instagram

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#Adulting — we all have to do it sometimes. Thankfully, with an influx of financial service brands lending their voices on Instagram, we don’t have to do it alone.

Taking control of our finances is a big step down the path to verifiable adulthood and financial service providers are stepping up to guide millennials and Gen Zers through this new frontier. While social media has been mostly uncharted territory in the world of finance, several brands are paving the way to make Instagram a top marketing channel.

In an industry as multifaceted as financial services, it makes sense that the content landscape would be multifaceted, too. Brands across the spectrum — from banks to credit lenders, money transfer apps, and more — are honing unique visual strategies that engage their niche target audiences.

Some brands invest in lifestyle and community content pillars, others focus on aspirations — what they all have in common is a strong emphasis on education and solutions for everyday money challenges. The ability to constantly connect with followers and give them a space to learn is what makes social media so appealing for brands in the finance industry.

Whether you want to refine your brand’s presence on social media or simply catch up (and cash in) on your banking to-do list, these are a few of the best financial services companies on Instagram and how they’re getting it right.

Breaking Down the Dollars

Brands in the credit and investment categories use a mix of illustration and infographics to help audiences visualize financial concepts. This often involves comparing the outcome of an uninformed decision with a decision made using their product or service — and it’s highly effective.

Credit Karma


All About Memes

Sometimes it takes a little humor to deliver a serious message. Many financial services brands take advantage of social media’s meme culture to drive awareness and engagement. Laying out a concept in a way that’s relatable makes it easier to digest and invest in.



Fashionably Late

Payment solution brands in the “buy now, pay later” category take a fashion-forward approach to their feeds — highlighting partner products and aspirational content their customers love. It’s not about the product or service itself, but what customers can get when they use it.

Afterpay USA


Star Power

Credit card brands leverage the power of a recognizable celebrity to grab their followers’ attention. On social media this is executed in several different ways, from contests and promotions to informational videos and personal stories of how these celebs use the product or service.


American Express

Banking on Community

Community and lifestyle content is a major pillar for banks at the local, national, and international level. These brands understand that they serve people of all backgrounds — and their photos and videos reflect this. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate how their solutions fit into everyday life.

TD Canada

Northwestern Mutual

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