The Best Retail Brands on Pinterest

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4 min readJan 24, 2020


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Ah, sweet Pinterest. The OG digital vision board. This iconic hub for discovery and curation is the focus of a recent addition to Dash Hudson’s suite of features and tools, and it should come as no surprise that businesses are thriving on Pinterest. It’s a one-stop shop for brands and consumers alike. Endless scrolling and thousands of carefully collected boards make it the perfect medium for an afternoon of planning your dream life. But how can you craft a winning Pinterest strategy that rises above the competitive retail landscape?

Fret not, DH fam. When it comes to the best retail brands to watch on Pinterest, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes you’re online for a casual browse. Oftentimes, you’re on a mission. Need a wardrobe refresh? Pin it. Making a meal for eight on short notice? Pin it. Living room furniture in need of an overhaul? As Oprah would (probably) say, “Piiiiiiin iiiit!”

There’s something about seeing your innermost desires on a neatly arranged webpage that is so, totally satisfying. Pinterest is a space that’s uniquely yours, which means brands are tasked with curating boards that fit into their target audiences’ unique tastes and pinning obsessions.

What’s really great about it as a channel — besides the ability to visualize your future Maldives mansion in vivid detail — is that pinners can shop boards with a single click. Oh yes friends, the lounge chair you’ve been lusting after since you saw it in that one issue of Architectural Digest two years ago? It’s on here. You can buy it from your bed. 🙏 Brick-and-mortar retail spaces definitely have their merits, but a side-by-side digital view of potential outfits with pieces from multiple retailers really comes in handy. Take note, fashion brands.

Context is also key. The best retail brands on Pinterest are the ones that tell a story with their products. Sure, that eye palette looks great in the packaging, but how can you help shoppers with a range of skin tones understand what it will look like on their lids? Savvy brands pin glossy product shots with a mixture of dynamic content that shows it in action. Customers deserve to put their hard-earned dollars toward stuff they’ll actually love and use — and retail brands are here for it. So without further ado, here’s a selection of brands that are doing it right:


Boards include: fashion week looks, product collections, gift ideas, and sale alerts for the practical shopper.


Boards include: epic beds, dreamy breakfasts, gorgeous views, and PJs that pair perfectly with your comfy lifestyle.

The Honest Company

Boards include: tips and tricks for the Pinterest parent, holiday craft ideas, and personal recommendations from Jessica Alba.


Boards include: home decor, wellness essentials, lookbooks by mood, and inspo for thriving in the New Year.


Boards include: Prime day deals, cool tech, spring cleaning hacks, and wedding registry finds for the couple that needs it all.


Boards include: clean beauty, skincare by type, seasonal makeup favourites, and a full SEPHORiA rundown to relive the magic.


Boards include: just-in products, guest-curated edits, street style, and hundreds of must-haves exclusive to their site.

If you take anything away from these top-tier examples, let it be the board diversity. Pinning a wide range of themes, aesthetics, or product categories is a great way to add value to your pinners’ experience. They might have come to you looking for summer outfit inspo but discovered an accessory board that really speaks to them. Pinterest trend forecast for 2020: more is more.


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