The Best Travel Destinations of the Summer According to Instagram

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[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

If you don’t have your sights on some of the best travel destinations of the summer, you’re aiming too low. We’ve got a list of Insta-popular spots to consider for your next jaunt. Time to book.

Well, we’ll always have Paris.

“We’re here for a good time, not a long time.” That might as well be summer’s motto.

The season for carpe diem is back, where all we should be doing is imbibing rosé on a terrace, frequenting the shores of our hefty metropolis, and jaunting out East to rub elbows with the 1%. We wait all year for it, especially us Northeast dwellers who live in a place where winter lasts forever and cold is essentially the normal state of affairs.

When summertime comes around, there’s a discernible, almost palpable collective awakening. People go from grumpy and overworked to enthused without a care in the world. That might be slightly hyperbolic, but you get the idea: folks feel happy af to shed all the proverbial (and literal) layers imposed by Mother Nature’s frosty inclinations.

While the actual reality is that most of us end up cooped up in refrigerators also known as offices for most of the dog days’ waking hours, not at all completing those summer bucket list plans we feel so ambitious about at the start of the solstice, it’s still fun to dream. And to maybe execute at least one of those seasonal goals, if not actually heading somewhere dreamy when the opportunity to get out of dodge presents itself.

And what is Instagram useful for if not telling us where to vacation — just ask the REVOLVE girls. We know that’s where we identify most of the things we do in life, like brunching and ice cream-ing (I screaming?). So no reason not to let it decide the fate of your next escape from the ice box (aka your desk).

The sunshine is blaring and the rays are there for our enjoyment — it would be a travesty not to oblige. Below are the trending global destinations on Insta, worthy of that well-earned OOO auto-reply.





Kula Lumpur









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