The Most Popular Brands of the Summer on Instagram

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

What businesses crushed it on social this summer? Below are the top ten most popular brands of the season on Instagram. Not that it’s a contest or anything.

Summer, summer, summer time.

While summer may feel like the shortest season of all, it’s also kind of the most important, amiright? We wait for it all year long, we yearn for it when it’s too cold to exist, we anticipate its arrival like kids in candy shops, we romanticize its greatness with hankering nostalgia when winter drags on too long, we live it to its fullest once Memorial Day passes, and we bittersweetly bid it adieu as it slips away come Labor Day — which seemingly arrives faster and faster each year.

All that to say that summertime comprises very important months, especially for brands that want to capitalize on all of that seasonal effervescence. While we love complaining about the heat, people generally tend to be more happy when the weather is more clement (they don’t call it seasonal depression for nothing during frosty times), and businesses that want in on the joy and reap all of the double-taps best take to Insta to seize the momentum.

Being successful on Instagram means being popular, let’s face it. And that popularity can be measured with an array of metrics, namely follower count, amount of likes, engagement rate, or effectiveness rate. But these numbers constantly fluctuate and brands never hold the same spot in the lineup for long.

So we know what accounts were ruling the roost back in February, but this time we’re turning the spotlight over to summer’s star businesses. We wanted to see which companies resonated the most with Instagram audiences during the best season of the year. Aka the most popular brands of the past three months.

We took a whip through Insta and analyzed engagement rates from June 1st to August 31st to see what businesses came out on top while people were busy setting their OOO auto-responders.

Here we go.

10. @sunnylifeaustralia — 2.60%

9. @fifaworldcup — 2.65%

8. @vivreparis — 3.19%

7. @tourismireland — 3.74%

6. @vossworld — 4.96%

5. @worldarchery — 5.08%

4. @goarmywestpoint — 5.6%

3. @roomporn — 5.64%

2. @traciemartyn — 5.98%

1. @world — 20.37%

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