These Are the Most Popular Holiday Content Trends of 2017

[Originally published on the Dash Hudson blog.]

We scoured the Insta galaxy to bring you this year’s most prevalent festive content trends on the ‘Gram. It’s not too late to get in there if you’ve been off the mark!

“Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows.” Indeed.

Jingle all the way, amiright?!

There’s no business like the holiday business that happens on Instagram. The visual platform has become a bona fide destination for window shopping, where most people take to the ‘Gram to form opinions and help them decide what to buy. That means retailers can really capitalize on the momentum brought on by the Christmas gifting frenzy with smart, targeted seasonal marketing content strategies.

The best holiday marketing campaigns are multifunctional and developed to hit several objectives at once: engage your audience, evoke an emotion, tie back to your core corporate strategy, be aesthetically pleasing, and draw from the visual trends users are currently enamored with. Woof, not an easy feat.

Holiday campaigns tend to resonate really well with audiences, but it can be tough to stand out when the competition is fierce. It can often feel like brands bring forth repetitive Christmas marketing ideas year after year, and that your creative assets are getting lost in a sea of sameness. Thankfully, these visually directional times we live in also sprout punctually popular content styles, and that goes for regular programming as well as holiday marketing campaigns.

Now that we’re less than a week away from D-day, clear content trends from branded Christmas marketing campaigns have materialized, and we took our detective skills to task to identify them for you. Without further ado, the 2017 holiday retail trends that are translating well to Instagram online marketing go as follows.

Glam Bam Thank You Ma’am

Nothing says holiday special like party attire, and the glam factor was amped up this year with fashion brands hitting the gas pedal to brandish that unapologetic festive allure.

Flat Lay Gifting

There’s no greater straightforward display than items placed in a flat lay style shot. It was all the rage for holiday content this year, businesses prominently showing off their wares in fun, thematic visuals that embraced the season.

Stylish (Stuffed) Stockings

It can be easy to forget about the Christmas tree’s quiet cousin: the yuletide stocking! This year, brands put it in the spotlight, probably in an effort to remind consumers to stuff them with their merch. I think it worked, don’t you?

Pine Tree Paradise

Ah, pine trees. The unofficial mascot of winter and also perhaps Christmas. The emblematic conifer has been spotted all over Insta this season, with brands really embracing the pagan symbolism of the mighty balsam.

Bespoke Cocktails

Because the art of mixology is in full force and nothing says holidays like alcohol made to look pretty. Brands are serving up (see what I did there?) festive cocktails that look good enough to drink AND to ‘gram. Ain’t no eggnog here, nope.


Sequins are always a thing come December, but this year, brands are really emphasizing the glittery occasion by creating unabashedly sparkly content.

Festive Fido

What is cuter than a canine spreading yuletide cheer? Nothing, it turns out, and brands on Instagram were privy to this information, delivering healthy doses of man’s best friend in Christmas contexts.

Table Scapes

No one can resist an inviting festive table, especially around the holidays. Instagram was chock full of beautiful settings and gatherings around feasting locales.

Coming up with a marketing strategy for the holidays can be simple in theory, but very complicated in practice. It’ important to keep abreast of the trends to be able to create content that will resonate. If you’re interested in more holiday marketing tips, look no further. In the meantime, it’s not too late to add a few of the above to your mix!

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