TikTok: A Definitive Guide

  • Why TikTok is essential for brands to gain popularity with younger generations and generate buzz around campaigns and product launches.
  • The influencer landscape on TikTok and how it differs from Instagram, and the tools and tactics brands need for success.
  • How brands should tackle TikTok’s unique algorithm and follow trends to snag a spot on the highly coveted For You page.
  • An introduction to TikTok and an overview of the stats that brands need to know.
  • How TikTok’s unique algorithm works — basically forget everything you know about the Instagram algorithm.
  • The inside scoop on TikTok influencers, how they differ from Instagram influencers, and how brands can initiate partnerships on Tiktok.
  • How brands are curating organic and paid content for TikTok.
  • What success looks like for brands on TikTok and the best brands to follow for inspo.



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Dash Hudson


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