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TikTok not only served as a light-hearted escape from the challenges of 2020 for consumers but a new marketing lever for businesses across industries. As the most downloaded app in 2020, TikTok’s growth continues to skyrocket. The platform is on track to reach 1.2 billion users and is a core channel for a successful marketing strategy in 2021.

TikTok quickly transitioned from a channel that brands experimented with to a pivotal medium for reaching new audiences and staying relevant in today’s digital age. As brands increasingly turn to the channel to drive revenue, TikTok introduced analytics to brands and creators. With TikTok analytics, marketers can track follower growth, video and profile views, and craft a data-driven strategy.

Jumping on the latest TikTok trends is a place to start, but now it’s time to dive deeper into the data to understand which types of content resonate with TikTok users, and which to scroll by. Remember: your target audience on TikTok is likely younger than audiences on other visual channels, thus requiring a unique approach to content creation.

Access TikTok Analytics with a Pro Account

To gain access to TikTok analytics, brands need a Pro Account. Keep in mind you will only be able to track your performance on TikTok after setting up a Pro Account. Afterwards, be prepared to add a wealth of content into the platform to generate enough data for an accurate analysis of your TikTok community’s preferences.

Dive Into Data

TikTok differs from many social channels when it comes to metrics. Success starts with video views. One viral post can launch your brand onto the platform and kickstart community growth. The For You page is at the heart of the channel and as a result, maximizing profile and video views will always be a top priority. Discovery and relevance are top of mind on TikTok and should guide your strategy. The videos that speak to TikTok users’ preferences have the best shot at finding a spot on the For You page and ultimately meeting your brand objectives.


TikTok Pro users are met with an Overview when first accessing analytics. Here users are served three key metrics: video views, profile views, and follower count. Brands can see total video views and how many times followers viewed your profile over the last seven days. Next, the Follower Count metric displays the followers lost and gained over the last seven days. These metrics help you understand your growth and community-building efforts over time.


In the content tab, brands can quickly get a pulse on which videos generate the most views and followers. Under Trending, you can see which of your videos were on the For You page and the total number of views those videos generated. You can see videos posted outside of the seven-day window to understand which types of videos have longer life spans than others. Even if your videos underperform in the immediate days after posting, they could peak weeks or even months after based on shifting trends and new content styles.


The Followers tab is valuable for understanding TikTok user behavior and your followers’ preferences. Marketers can analyze follower retention, follower demographics, and geographic location for insight into followers gained and lost over seven days. Beyond the basics, brands can see which types of videos their followers are watching and at which times of day they are most active to optimize posting strategies. Marketers can also go a step further and keep a pulse on the music trending within their follower base. This intel can help guide your audio selection for new posts.

Optimize Your TikTok Strategy for Success

Whether you’ve half-heartedly adopted a TikTok marketing strategy or you’ve been hesitant to try it, the introduction of analytics presents an optimal opportunity to build out a proper strategy. Relying solely on gut instincts and trends is challenging for established brands. Still, with access to insights and new features, brands can take a data-driven approach to TikTok to realize the viral channel’s full marketing potential.

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Originally published on January 18, 2021.




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