Webinar: How to Build and Evolve Social Media Strategy in the Age of Ecommerce with The Inkey List

We sat down (virtually) with Sarah Lee, Social and Community Manager from The Inkey List to discuss how to strike the perfect balance between social media strategy and ecommerce.

Watch now to learn:

  • Top tips for community management and engaging your audience
  • How to adopt data analysis and AI into your creative strategy to drive results
  • Key ideas on how you can leverage creativity, authenticity and innovation, and lead the way on social media

The importance of social media has never been so clearly in focus when it comes to building, engaging, and converting a brand’s audience. As many brands still struggle to make meaningful connections with their audiences, businesses are also facing a rapidly changing economy, and are having to optimize their ecommerce strategies to survive. The challenges facing marketers today are clear: it’s more important than ever to ride the waves and embrace innovation.

Watch the webinar to learn strategies to meet your audience where they are in a meaningful way, make data-backed decisions that will fuel engagement and growth, and streamline offerings to meet demand.

Header image: @theinkeylist

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Originally published at https://blog.dashhudson.com on August 5, 2020.

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