Who to Follow on Instagram: Indie Fashion Brands

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Instagram is a bottomless well of inspiration: the categories are multiple and most of the players are MVPs. If you’re feeling woozy from all the options of beautiful accounts at your fingertips, hit the refresh button with the must-follow galleries we’ve identified in our aptly named Who to Follow on Instagram series.

This is your guide to the best Instagram accounts. Prepare for sensory overload.

We’ve all been sucked in by the Instagram vortex. But when it’s part of your job description, the hours spent on the daily scrolling through the photo-sharing app are completely justified. For those of you whose livelihood does not depend on your Instagram savviness, it can be a real counter-productive wormhole. The struggle is indeed real.

Today is your lucky day: we’re here to save you some precious clock ticks by identifying the best of the best so that you can avoid the, um, less savory. Welcome to the Who to Follow on Instagram series. Scrolling through Insta can make for an explosion of the senses, and today we’re focusing on a category that never fails to titillate with compelling narratives — fashion.

The subsections that pertain to style are endless on the ‘Gram, with one particular niche having emerged as a bonafide segment revered by cool girls everywhere: nouveau indie fashion brands. While high street used to be all the rage, the fashun crowd appears to be turning a new chapter, one that is leaning towards a slower pace and — gasp! — individuality. We could call it slow fashion (as backlash to fast), but I simply like to refer to these brands as cool girl garb. Indie style, if you will.

For those who worship Jane Birkin and Anita Pallenberg, who think outside the box, who celebrate personality, and who like things to be slightly imperfect. These new labels represent the antithesis of mainstream, but their popularity suggests that there is an undeniable craving for clothes that don’t go stale at the speed of light.

The brands below have not only captured the hearts of dozens of thousands of fashionistas, but they’re nailing the art of visual storytelling with their conceptualized galleries.

Let’s examine, in no particular order, then give them an Instagram follow.


All of that cool footwear worn by all those ladies whose style you admire? Yeah, most likely LoQ.


A multi-brand e-tailer that carries most of the labels featured here, but with a very distinct, strong point of view.


High quality shoes, small batches, Italian. Need we say more.


For all the chicks that embody the word rad.


The endless inspo provided by the LA renaissance and California living lives in the spirit of the Jesse Kamm collection, which makes for the perfect Insta gallery.


Miami’s image is changing and Style Mafia is proof of that. This line ain’t for your SoBe club-hopping hunny.


One word: Australian. Founded by Miz Spencer. ‘Nuff said.


For all the chicks who crave a little whimsy but hate it when things are too literal.


A NYC boutique with a cult following that opened a Parisian outpost and just launched e-commerce. Yes x3.


Clothes for girls that have an unfussy aesthetic and impeccable taste, in both clothes and Instagram accounts.


What do you get when a French It girl and style star starts her own clothing line? Perfection, basically.


These seemingly vintage-inspired styles make for a fully inspiring Instagram gallery.


Jewelry pieces that perfectly encapsulate that intangible New York City essence.

Have you got a favorite indie fashion brand? Let us know in a comment below👇.

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